Terms and conditions of participation

Bidders / suppliers must submit the following tender documents to the Committee on the awarding of contracts in the MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT PLANING AND STATISTICS:

  • - Quote or initial invoice covering the products to be supply
  • - Letter of intent refers to the ability of suppliers to deal with the contract
  • Authorization letter and the appointment of a local company as an agent / representative of the tender process
  • A full copy of the request / Company Registration Form
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee of 2550 US $ 1 or equivalent
  • Certificate standard product to be supplied (if any)

Quote of products:
You should be pricing companies offers on the basis of previous work or FOB basis.

Company Profile / Introduction:
Bidders must formally submit in writing to their company to the Procurement Committee for tenders to know in a comprehensive manner.

Full Description of Products Tenders:
  • Bidders must provide sufficient information on Mnaqsathm products (including clear images when necessary.
  • It is bidding companies to submit bids with the product standard and best quality specifications. Tender documents must be placed preferably on the paper, which is headed by the bidder and approved by the company's president / CEO for the purposes of documentation and should be directed to the official our address.
  • It will be refused quotations from companies experiencing financial turmoil as this company may not use government funds for the purpose for which it.
  • Companies Registration guide: Each bidder must submit documentary evidence of their registration or legal organization in formed other country of origin.
  • Other relevant / information that may enhance the chances of the company's documents.

Tender document:
All the companies that want to get a copy of the official tender to purchase the purchase of tender documents through its local agent, who must be a licensed agent and certified to the Department of Public Procurement in Qatar at US $ 1000.00.
Registration of Companies:
Winner of the Tender process must be legally registered as our non-residential contractor / supplier, this is mandatory and after declaration of the winner.
Bid duration is 1-12 months after suppliers confirm the full payment and also partial shipment / delivery is allow.
Preferential policy:
The tender will be awarded the contract assessment in accordance with the procedures set out in the latest guidelines and instructions for the implementation of the regional preference policy and in accordance with the Law on Public Tenders in 2003 (Law No. 663) and the law of the regional preference and regulations associated with it.
Accepted United Nations policies:
  • Tenders which have not submitted with the completed version of the registration form
  • Tenders which have not submitted with proof of payment of registration fees
  • Tenders which contain additional items in the tender / registration application form
  • Tenders submitted with the deviation to the requirements of this Council

prohibits private communication between the contracting authority and any tender company, save, exceptionally , in cases where clarification of the tender file is necessary. If the company needed to tender any explanation before submitting the tender, this request should be directed to the attention of the Tender Board , through his representative / local agent, and the responses will be published by the President of the accompanying tender as a message board circular.
The opening of tenders:
It will open the tenders submitted by the Committee of the Tender Committee within three working days from the tender. The contact will be eligible companies / candidates with quotations and realistic production line required to verify their company.
Payment of the contract:
You will get the company (companies) on the successful contract boost in the preferred bank account within five (5) working days of the adoption of the contract agreement.