Terms and conditions of participation

Participant eligibility and participation rules: Each tender supply project is open to all legal persons (participating either individually or in a group of tenders), foreign companies established in each country or region of the areas covered and / or authorized by the specific instruments that apply to the program Under which the contract is financed, all products supplied under this contract must be of good quality and in compliance with the standard.


Each tender / supply company must have a local agent as representatives.

Registration of companies::
You must register all interested companies wishing to be part of the project supply bidding our contractor / legal supplier we only US $ 2,550 or in the currency of your tender if different from the US dollars to cover registration costs, and should be paid to this office through an agent / consultant before the supplier provides the tender document / tender.

Tender / Contract Procurement Document:
The supplier should provide the following documents as a contract supply documents.
  • - Quote or initial invoice covering the products to be supply
  • - Letter of intent refers to the ability of suppliers to deal with the contract
  • - Letter of delegation and appointment of a local company as agent / representative of the tender process
  • - Tender Application/Submission fee
  • - Company's registration certificate(Country of Origin)
  • - Certificate of product standard to be supplied (if any)

Submission of Bid / Tender Document:
Bidding Procedures - Tender documents must be submitted by hand to the Procurement Committee Tender Board through the authorized agent of the Government who will act as a local representative of the Company during the bidding process.
Performance Assurance:
The successful company will ask for a letter of performance guarantee in writing immediately after receiving the award notice prior to the formal signing of the contract.
Registration of Companies:
Winner of the Tender process must be legally registered as our non-residential contractor / supplier, this is mandatory and after declaration of the winner.
Bid duration is 1-12 months after suppliers confirm the full payment and also partial shipment / delivery is allow.
Signing of the Contract Agreement:
The contract can be signed electronically, either by e-mail or by proxy, but the board requests that the company appear personally, then this company should benefit in this call. But also any supplier who wish to come to the contract signing solution must notify this office with an official letter.
Payment Terms:
payment is 100% full payment through Bank T/T or L/C, to the supplier/contractor's bank company account, before shipment commence and after contract agreement is signed by the both parties.
Contract Language:
All written messages must be in English or Arabic
All contract supply documents should be addressed to::
The Honourable Chairman
Ministry of Development Planing and Statistics
P. O. Box No: 1855
Doha Tower
Email: info@mdps-gov.org